• iPhone with iOS 13 or later or iPad with iPadOS 13 or later
  • Training in the art of rock-paper-scissors
Roshambo Up! won't work on Android devices.

In-app purchase required to unlock Endless mode. Turns and Timed modes are free.
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Visit the Roshambo Up! support page for assistance. We're happy to help!
Accept the challenge!

Roshambo Up!, a world of rock-paper-scissors filled with visual delights and a musical anthem guaranteed to rock you! Command your rocks, papers, and scissors as they charge upward into battle with their eternal arch-rivals. Rock crushes scissors. Scissors cuts paper. Paper wraps rock. Can you remember these secrets of which beats what? With a little bit of luck you'll conquer all and land a slot on the high scores list. Accept the challenge! Rock-paper-scissors your way to glory!

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