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New User! Yay! Splasm please read... Feature Requests
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Author:  lterenzi [ Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  New User! Yay! Splasm please read... Feature Requests

Hey guys.

Nice simple software that does what it says. THANK YOU! Now having said that here are a few thing I wouldn't mind seeing. I know you have had requests for some of these before so I am just adding my name to the list. Also I have seen all these small usability features in either iBank or MoneyWell so they are fully possible in OS X development.

Leave some Accounts out of All Accounts
I have a personal loan and a credit card set up (I set both to negative balances since they are debts) and they get factored into the Balance of all my accounts. I would like to omit them both. Just because I owe $1000 to someone shouldn't mean that my All Accounts Balance is $1000 less than it should be. Does that make sense? Are there other ways I can do this in CB that fixes this?

Transaction ordering by drag and drop or time.
Once I enter everything I would live to be able to shuffle them in the correct order. Drag N Drop or having A time field in the transaction entry would be perfect. If I have a huge stack of receipts I don't want to shuffle them around first. I just want to get things in CB and go from there.

Uniform columns between accounts
Once I set everything for one account it should flow to the others

Easier Transfers
Drag from one account to the next to do a transfer or have it automatically switch between To: and To Account: when you select Transfer. Taking away one keystroke can make all the difference

Auto sort category list
If I start to type Utilities and hit the down arrow it should automatically select the top most Utilities category and let me arrow down from there.

That's it for now. Thanks for the clean and simple design and thanks for making it work! :)

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