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Transfers within New Deposit
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Author:  kayc [ Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Transfers within New Deposit

I would like to see a Type column within the New Deposit setup box so that I can directly transfer paycheck money into savings and 401(k). My employer routes these directly from my pay. In this case, the New Deposit is from a checking account.

I can show deductions for heath insurance and fed/state tax, but not for the transfers, both of which are routed directly into those accounts by my employer. I have to show them in the setup box split to get from gross to net deposit.

The only work around I have found are separate transfers from checking, and this messes up either net deposit or total balance, making it more difficult to reconcile my account. Am I missing an obvious solution?

For example, gross pay is $2000. Health insurance and taxes are both $150. Easy enough to get to net $1700. Savings and 401(k) are $100 each. I enter them as deductions on the split so my proper net pay is $1500. But I must set up transfers for $100 each. Either that messes up my balance by -$200, or (if I don't put the -$200 in the split), my net deposit is off by +$200.

There has to be a solution I am missing, or there should be a Type column within the New Deposit set up box.

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