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Check Register: New Label for Search Entry Bar
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Author:  msmollynd [ Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:41 am ]
Post subject:  Check Register: New Label for Search Entry Bar

I am a relatively new Checkbook user, and I posted an inquiry about how to find and reset date ranges. A helpful person pointed me to the search window in the upper right corner of the check register which, when clicked, turns into a drop-down menu that contains a good list of search parameters.

This is clever, but not intuitive. My career was in IT, mostly user support, and the magnifying glass icon that turns into a drop-down menu is non-standard in most software I've seen. I like it -- but I'd suggest it should be at least labeled so that its functionality is much more obvious to the end user. Instead of showing the generic word "search" it could be labeled something like "search options" or even "search menu" to give a better indicator of the capability hiding behind the magnifying glass.

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