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Exporting Notes along with other data
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Author:  doublespiral [ Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Exporting Notes along with other data

I am using Checkbook Pro 2.5.7 on OS X 10.13.6.

My accountant recently requested that I add an additional data field to the information that I send to him each month that includes a numerical identifier of each invoice/payment.

I have included that in the "Notes" section and those notes show up alongside my balance in Checkbook Pro. Works great.

The problem is, when I go to export to a text file, all of the info exports properly except the Notes. I get Date, Check, Type, Description, To/From, Category, Amount, and Balance. But the Notes don't export. How can I add those so that I get the Notes as well? To add each invoice's numerical identifier individually to the exported file would be burdensome - and doubling the work.

Failing that, how do I add another category that can hold each invoice's numerical identifier that *will* export along with the other data?

Thank you!

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