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Importing 12 years of Quicken
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Author:  jerrykrinock [ Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Importing 12 years of Quicken

Since Bank of America has finally succeeded in breaking statement downloads to Quicken 2005, today I evaluated Checkbook/Pro along with 8 other apps and am happy to report that Checkbook/Pro has made the final short list of 2. (Actually it wasn't too hard because 6 of the apps either crashed or had obvious errors importing my 12 years of Quicken data.)

There are a couple apps that seem able to infer my accounts and categories from the Quicken qif export. However, in Checkbook Pro it seems I need to create 12 accounts, one of each of the 12 accounts I have in Quicken, then import 12 times, one for each account. Also, it seems that that when I click "OK", transactions from the selected import account are imported into the currently-selected Checkbook Pro account.

Is this all correct -- no way to import all 12 accounts at once?


Jerry Krinock

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