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streamlined GUI
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Author:  snoopy67 [ Mon Nov 19, 2007 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  streamlined GUI

I think the GUI of ABB (version 1.0.8) should be streamlined.
Right now, I have to spend way too many "mouse kilometers" for one conversion job.

First of all, it is not clear why it shouldn't be possible to change the conversion parameters (bit-rate etc.) later, i.e., after the "project" has been created.

Second, speaking of project files: i don't need the project files at all. I convert one set of mp3 files to an audiobook, and that's it. So this feature might well be a preference, i.e., I could choose whether or not i want the .abbuilder files. Right now, it's an additional step for me to remove them afterwards.

Third, it is annoying that the GUI jumps to the middle of the screen after I close on project.

Forth, and most importantly, I think the 3 steps could well be combined into one step only. I presume that the GUI right now has been designed to make it look like those popular "wizards" under windoze. But this causes too many unnecessary "mouse kilometers".
1. I have never used the "join" or "split" feature so far, because when I've got a bunch of mp3's, then each of them should be a chapter;
2. On the "finish" pane there is no choice at all, so it is completely superfluous;
3. How many people really use the "chapter art" feature?
4. I don't need the project files at all, because once the conversion is complete, i never do it again.
5. etc. etc.

I guess you get the idea: the ideal GUI would be the "one button" GUI that still allows for all the other options.

Overall, i think all 3 panes could be combined into one , and the project files should go away. This would make the user interface much more enjoyable.

Best regards,

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