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Please add Composer tag along with author
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Author:  Lymis2 [ Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  Please add Composer tag along with author

Can you add the Composer tag to the opening page (Cover) of the project?

It's obviously become the convention to use the Composer tag to record the narrator of the book - every book I load into iTunes gets the narrator info from CDDB as the composer tag, and I do the same when I upload info to CDDB. I use the same convention for my own personal files.

The only editing I ever have to do with an audiobook builder file is to go in an manually re-add the narrator to the book after converting it from iTunes.

Having a blank field for composer (or call it Narrator in Audiobook Builder, then put it in the Composer tag) at the beginning of a blank project would be very handy.

Even better would be if the tags populated from the first file in the project list, so I didn't have to retype them at all.

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