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How Can I Have Real Chapters From an Audiobook on CD
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Author:  BruceL [ Wed Dec 31, 2014 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  How Can I Have Real Chapters From an Audiobook on CD

I appreciate the difficulty for Splasm’s programmers of Audiobook Builder when I think about chapters in audiobooks. I have a number of audiobooks that were purchased on audio CD. Some publishers just break a book into something like 3 minute tracks regardless of how many chapters are in that book. I would have thought that a publisher who decided to republish a book as an audiobook would keep a books chapters and parts separated on an audio CD by something like the quiet gaps between songs on a vinyl record. Stated another way I had always assumed that the publisher of an audiobook inserted something in that CD audio file indicating the beginning and/or ending of a chapter and/or part. I used to purchase most of my audiobooks in CD format but today I have an Audible account and really enjoy my Audible app for listening to audiobooks. Just like some other users of Audiobook Builder I would love to have true chapter delineations when I rip an audiobook using Audiobook Builder so that the end product or audiobook will have those real chapters and hopefully have the same functionality when played using Audible’s iOS app. Maybe this capability exists in Audiobook Builder and I just do not know what to choose when I select Build Options/Part Style. So what would I select regarding part style to accomplish my goals? Also I have previous rips that are still saved to my hard disc. I do not know what selection was made at the time they were ripped with respect to Part Style. If you tell me that most of the time Audiobook Builder should be able to discern and create those ‘real’ chapters can this be done with the previous rips or would I need to get the CD’s and re-rip them? I decided to post this to the forums because I believe that Splasm’s answer will be appreciated by a number of users of Audiobook Builder.

Also, I would suspect that Audible would have to be contacted if Splasm were to save its rebuilds in the Audible formats of .aax and .aa instead of the .m4b format they are currently saved in. If Splasm could allow this I believe it would be a value added and selling feature of the software.

Author:  Allan W. [ Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How Can I Have Real Chapters From an Audiobook on CD

Unfortunately, Audiobooks on CD don't include special markers that would make it possible for Audiobook Builder to discern where the actual Chapters begin and end. Within the Chapters section, if you click where 'Show Details' appears, any file that's selected can be previewed so perhaps you could determine which tracks belong to a Chapter on your own, select those tracks, hit the Join button, and then rename the joined grouping to the Chapter name to eventually end up with the proper Chapters when you build the file.

Also, files ending in .aa and .aax are in Audible's proprietary formats and Audible doesn't allow others to generate files in those formats. Just to be clear, though, there's nothing special about Audible's formats with regard to how Chapters can be separated within them—Audiobooks purchased on iTunes are primarily in M4B format and usually have Chapter breaks that correspond to the actual Chapters in the source book.

Sorry to deliver what may seem like bad news! You definitely have some great ideas and we'd try to incorporate the features you're asking for if we could.

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