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Parts of Audiobooks not making into iTunes
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Author:  armandowyoming [ Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Parts of Audiobooks not making into iTunes

Copied 2 books from CDs into ABB files. Then dragged and dropped unto Audiobook page in iTunes. (On each, I had clicked import to iTunes after copied last CD in ABB, but that didn't work, simply not imported; also the Add to Library in iTunes didn’t add audiobooks to iTunes Library.) As usual, after drag-and-drop, iTunes treated as Music files, by as an an unknown album by an unknown artist. Each is an m4b. Why doesn’t iTunes know it’s an audiobook? As you can tell, I've problems with audiobooks on iTunes.
But even drag-and-drop, all the parts didn't make it into iTunes. On 1st book, the first disk is missing. Did process twice. Same result. On 2nd disks 1-6 didn’t import.
I don’t have Audiobook Builder Preferences set to Add to iTunes. Should I? I have Preferences set to save to a backup hard drive in a folder where I keep all my audiobooks.
Thanks for help

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