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Building in several sessions
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Author:  Sharpe [ Wed May 07, 2008 8:02 am ]
Post subject:  Building in several sessions

I have had Audiobook Builder 1.0.8 for less than a week, so I am a rank beginner. I love the way it lets my books show up in Audiobooks on my iPod and to have chapter marks, but I am starting a long book and would like to do it in several sessions.

The help/instructions say, " This allows you to interrupt your Audiobook Builder session and return to it when you get a chance "

I added the first five mp3 files of my book, about four hours of audio, and told it to Build Audiobook. The next day I opened it up and added the next five files. But when I told it to Build
Audiobook it went back and did not just add the new parts, instead it started over again from file 1 and, of course, took twice as long to build the book from scratch. Also there were two copies of the book with the same title in iTunes, one just the first four hours, the other eight hours. So I had wasted the time of building the first five parts.

Is there a way to interrupt a session after converting the files and return later to add more to the same book without having to reprocess all the files I have already done? This book has nearly 60 files totaling about 55 hours and I would like to build the audiobook in short sessions.

If there is no way to build in small pieces, if I build sections of the book under different titles, is there a way of having them all show up under one title on the iPod?

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