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Author:  cpgz [ Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  defaults

Hi. I'll be using Audiobook builder primarily to consolidate the several tracks that make up works of classical music in my iTunes library. Since these have been recorded at different bit rates from 265 to lossless, for my first few attempts I had to change the bit rate with each build, which is tedious.

Also i cannot locate the names of individual movements (i.e. songs in iTunes)in the resultant audiobook file.

Is there a way to set a default import mode such that the bit rate will be whatever it was in the original file?

Can I assume that lossless files will remain lossless?

Do the "song" or movement names appear anywhere in the audiobook builder file? and if so is it posswible for these to get put into a specific column in iTunes?



Author:  Randy K. [ Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: defaults

If each file is its own chapter, with a little bookmark near each file in your project, you can find these chapter markers in iTunes while you are playing back your audiobook after it is built. Just look for the 'Chapters' menu at the top of the screen while playing back your book.

If you are joining all of your files via the 'Join' button at the top of the window in Audiobook Builder, they are all merging into a single chapter and you will not see the chapter markers in iTunes.

If you want to navigate to each file via a chapter marker, you can use the 'split' button while selecting your joined chapter to create a chapter for each file again. You will have to rebuild to see your changes. Your resulting file should still be combined into a single file, with chapter markers built into the file itself.

Audiobook Builder can pass through AAC files, if all of your files in your project are the same bit rate, for instance 256 kbps AAC. You can find the pass through option in the build options on the finish tab. If pass through is grayed out, it means pass through is not possible with the files you have added to your project.

Audiobook Builder cannot currently export in a lossless format. It will always export as an AAC file using the quality settings you selected in Build Options.

I hope this helps answer a few of your questions.

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