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PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:05 pm 

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I have been struggling with the latest version of MacOS10 and your version of ABB. Thanks for the program. But with the new changes Apple made, having to take longer,...
I had reverted to using ITunes settings under Get Info to make sure I had Artist and Album and Disc 1 of 11 example after importing disc 1 . Now as I am clicking the plus sign to import to iTunes Library after joing all on one disc, the view in Itunes music library has all the tracks listed in a row. Here is an example. Each of 11 disc appears to have 99 tracks. so I see 99 track ones, 99 track 2s, etc. Before this I would import one disc at a time and when all were in I would build.

I read that the order of the tracks isn't important as it gets staightened out in Ipod Touch or IPhone. But I want to know I have each disc in order so, This particular one Plague of Secrets gave me an error message after the 9 1/2 discs saying no more room. Perhaps Quicktime settings are too high or some such. I saw for first time that i was using stereo. I think because usually when building a book insert CD one has to put in own image for front cover.This guy it turns out is on Amazon as an author and a Country singer. So it gave me an image. I had previously read to eliminae stereo when recording sound. On Itunes I choose ipod setings. On ABB the preferences are Normal, Low, High. I changed to low.

I think it would be helpful fo us having these issues if suggested settings for each setting in ABB and Itunes be told to us so that the book is built properly. This book got screwed up because under Options in Itunes I saw sort by Name (and there was the name of the book ) where when I used Itunes I used Name as title of book, artist, ABB uses author and Name is tracks.

Very confusing. I have reread the getting started many times . There are too many unknown settings. Then I try to refix the mess in itunes and nothing is in order. And I listened and found duplicates. Prob my error. As it takes long time to import 11 CDs.

I finished building at minus the last 1 and 1/2 chaps and thought I could do them as part two by building another project. But am confused about finding my impported imformation in Itunes. I use list view. until i build and check to see if i have a book under audiobook. It is a real mess of confusion. please someone clarify all settings and steps. It has to be something I did wrong. After it wouldn't go on I told it to anticipate 14 hours of informaiton. I have. 14:40:20. and don't know if it is the whole book.

Sorry for the disorganized explaination. I feel overwhelmed by the disorder I got into.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:54 am 
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First step I would always take is to make sure I have the latest version of Audiobook Builder. You can use the 'Check For Updates' menu item under the 'Audiobook Builder' menu at the top of the screen.

If you still have the original discs, I might try removing all unknown tracks from your book and their unknown order in iTunes, and starting over. You may want to also verify that you have a few GB of free space on your drive that contains your iTunes library as well as where you are storing your Audiobook Builder project. If you are importing directly from CD, I would use the 'import CD' button from within Audiobook Builder. Once you hit import at the bottom of the next window, it should start importing the first disc and when it finishes, auto eject each CD after that and wait for the next. When finished, If the tracks have no names they should still be in the order in which you imported. You can go back and rename each CD by hand if you like in the Chapters Tab. When you click on the finish tab, click on the 'Build Options' button and make sure your part style is set to 'Break between Chapters'. Once you build your book, you should only end up with 1 or 2 files in your iTunes library using these settings.

Let us know if this gets you started in the right direction.

Randy Knoble
Splasm Software

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