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CD and track titles not showing
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Author:  kmoy [ Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  CD and track titles not showing

I've been using ABB for a couple of years and LOVE it.

When I put in a new CD, iTunes pops up with the CD title and track names. I then thank iTunes and close the window and allow ABB to import the CD directly.

ABB used to show me the same correct disc/track info, but somewhere along the way it stopped doing that. Recently I noticed that the CD name and track titles are showing as "Audio CD" and "Audio CD Track 1" etc. in ABB.

It made joining tracks into chapters a lot easier when I could see where the chapters were, instead of having to listen to the beginning of each anonymously labeled track. Have I unwittingly unchecked a checkbox I don't know about, or tweaked a setting that should have remained untweaked? Any help would be appreciated.

Author:  Randy K. [ Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CD and track titles not showing

Audiobook Builder should be working the same in those regards. We have had a couple reports where the Finder is not getting the updated track names from iTunes like it should. Audiobook Builder actually gets the CD and track names from the finder and not from iTunes itself. If you see Audio CD listed on your desktop where you see the CD icon and iTunes shows the correct names, that means iTunes has failed to deliver the track names to the finder. You may want to try restarting to see if it helps when iTunes attempts to send the track names to the Finder on your next CDs.

We have not yet been able to reproduce these circumstances here so we are not quite sure of the cause.

Author:  caitcreates [ Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CD and track titles not showing

I was having this same problem - I was converting my Harry Potter collection from CD to an audiobook file. After book 3 (or so), I wasn't consistently getting the CD information. I slogged through books 4 and 5 by typing the information into Audiobook Builder. After reading this forum post, I tried the restart suggestion. Info on the first five CDs of book 6 has showed up in Audiobook Builder. Yay!

Thanks for the suggestion -- that fixed the problem for me.

Author:  Bookworm [ Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CD and track titles not showing

I have experienced the same issue. However, the suggestion to restart did not work for me. I tried restarting the software program, iTunes, and the computer itself to no avail. I also did a full shut down. The track information shows in iTunes, but no track information in Audiobook Builder. In the "Import CD" screen it just shows "Audio CD" in the top screen and simply lists the tracks as "1 Audio Track, 2 Audio Track, ..." etc. Even though iTunes showed the proper track information, I also directed it to "Get Info", but that made no difference. When I pull up the cd info in Finder, it only shows "Audio CD" and the same track info (or lack thereof). My Mac is using OS X version 10.6.8. and I have Audiobook Builder version 1.5.2 (purchased through the App Store) and iTunes 10 (10.4.1).

Also, a secondary question. This particular audiobook (The People of Sparks) has an Introduction and another intro section/short chapter, but then it begins actual chapters. I've copied and pasted what shows up in iTunes below:

Introduction~Strength To Love 1:35 Jeanne DuPrau The People Of Sparks [Disc 1] Spoken & Audio
The Message 0:30 Jeanne DuPrau The People Of Sparks [Disc 1] Spoken & Audio
Part 1 Arrival~Chapter 1 What Torren Saw~1 6:34 Jeanne DuPrau The People Of Sparks [Disc 1] Spoken & Audio
Chapter 1 What Torren Saw~2 6:19 Jeanne DuPrau The People Of Sparks [Disc 1] Spoken & Audio
Chapter 2 Out From Below~1 5:20 Jeanne DuPrau The People Of Sparks [Disc 1] Spoken & Audio
Chapter 2 Out From Below~2 6:46 Jeanne DuPrau The People Of Sparks [Disc 1] Spoken & Audio

How would you recommend I set up my chapter naming system? Can Audiobook Builder manage and keep the tracks in proper order if I simply have a file named, "Introduction" and another "Message" before beginning the actual Chapter sequences? If you just tried a naming scheme versus, numbering, would that mess up the chapters - putting them in alphabetical order versus proper order?

I'd really like to find out how to resolve this issue.

Author:  Randy K. [ Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CD and track titles not showing

That is the issue others are seeing. iTunes is failing to deliver the track data to the Finder, and the Finder is where Audiobook Builder gathers its track data. Unfortunately, the issue between iTunes and the Finder are beyond our control. We have yet to reliably duplicate this issue. The best we would be able to do is find its underlying cause and help correct it after it misbehaves. It would be up to Apple to find and fix the actual bug.

The names of Chapters and their order are not linked. You can move chapters around regardless of their name, and you can rename them without them changing their order. Feel free to name your chapters whatever you like.

I hope that helps.

Author:  Bookworm [ Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CD and track titles not showing

Thanks, Randy - I was afraid that it was something along those lines. It doesn't happen with every audiobook (one I did just after that had info delivered just fine) so I can see where you guys might not have encountered it yet. And thanks for answering my question on the chapter order and names. Having had past experience in manually backing up my cd's and then using Markable & Chapter Master, I was a little concerned. I am SO loving your program right now. Everything in one neat package. I will be watching though to see if the option to batch process multiple projects into audiobooks in iTunes does get added to ABB! That would be very cool to set that up to run overnight. :) Thanks for all the work you guys do to make this the great program it is though!

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