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I just imported an 11 cd book into Audiobook Builder.
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Author:  rhetarae [ Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  I just imported an 11 cd book into Audiobook Builder.

My problem is: I made a folder on desktop and named it. I imported each cd as told in the help file. But after all were in, I clicked Finish , the Build options were showing, they looked like the default in the example. so now what. It doesn't say any where to save the folder in my document on desktop where this audiobook is. Or am I suppose to know to drag it or import it into Itune. The finish infers that the entire book will be located in ITUNES library as final destination.

HOw do I proceed after clicking : the Finish...Nothing has happened. Each Disc shows up in the folder I made with the title of the book. It is still on my desktop. AM having a bad hair day. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I thought I had read all the steps in building a project. Am I missing. the part that says: Now put it inot Itunes.

???please help

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