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conserve iPod Touch battery life
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Author:  oaklad [ Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  conserve iPod Touch battery life

I have a 3G iPod Touch 32GB and have been adding audiobooks on a regular basis using ABB 1.1 2. I note that the battery life is quite diminished after listening for a few hours. I ran a check for battery life using Apple guidelines and found that the battery lasts about 29 hours when playing a music album. The same is not true when listening to audiobooks.

“The iPod sends tracks to its memory cache so it can seamlessly play them while powering down the hard drive. That's great for tracks that are 7MB or smaller (the average length of a single), but podcasts, audiobooks, and other long files need sustained hard-disk access, which can run down your battery. Keep in mind that spoken content can be compressed much more heavily than music, so don't hesitate to use lower bit rates for talk-radio-style podcasts or recompressed audiobooks.”

Is there a way to increase battery life when constructing an audiobook? What settings would I want to use?

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