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PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 3:10 am 

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I have alread sent something similar to ISquint, so if anyone is on both boards, please pardon me for posting this here as well.

First, I see that Podner and ISquint refer to themselves as useful for people who are converting to IPOD viewablevideo. My use may or may not be the same. That is where I need to make sure. I have been referred here by the libsyn.com people and I want to post videos on their site that are compact enough to download (stream?) easily and also to be viewable by most people.

To make a long story even longer, I make videos using IVideo camera and then want to find the right format. First I just used IMovie advanced settings. Then I noted somewhere that some people say QT Pro works better for some mystical reason. So I asked in Libsyn forums and got this:

(Note it is long since this is the first time ever to use video)

LIBSYN seems really fast (of those services I have tried). is it a streaming server? I saved as MPEG4 improved/streaming using IMOVIE, but just guessed that was what to do. Are they any better ways? Any guidnace in this department?

Also, I see in IMovie the options for Mpeg (Improved) or H264, but the specs look the same. What is the difference?

If I remember properly, MPEG-4 (Improved) is actually an h.264 compressed MPEG-4 file. I've played with that in QTPro and have mixed results in getting it to play on a PSP. It did however play on my video iPod and any other video playback program.

Paul iMovie uses the quicktime library. Another option is to drop the fullsize dv in iTunes and use the ipod video converter there, but I have no idea if it is essentially the same settings as they both use quictime. If you want more wiggle control as far as settings, you can use quicktime pro, and encode an MP4 with h264 with a bit rate between 400-700kbps, audio at aac-lc at around 96kbps and an aspect radio of 320x240. There are programs that are easier, Podner is one,iSquint is another. iSquint is free by the way. There's alot of things to worry about with ipod video. Trial and error is key.
Let me know how you do.

So...if I remember correctly (using IMOVIE ONLY), this is what I did....

First saved normally.

Video Mpeg Improved-AAC-LC (128)-Streaming 1450 (size) 100 (duration)-352X288 CIF (I think)-Resync markers...Just sort of guessing since Apple provides little guidance.

Some of his recommended settings are different, especially bit rate and size (QVGA).

Well, I want to stream this from libsyn and in fact it seems to be doing this.

I am not targeting IPod in particular but want it to be viewable by as many people as possible. Most videos will be 20-30 minutes. Test is just 3 or 4.

Appreciate any advice on whether your product is the best, whether his recommended settings are best, whether I can just do it in Imovie (looks like I can, but???)

Thank you.




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