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Keith Gugliotto

Title: Primordial Sea Captain
Duties: Everything but graphic design - and a little of that, too.
Mission: The world domination thing is so last year.
Favorite Line: "Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice is perfect to begin with."
Favorite Books: The Macintosh Way and Snow Crash
History Lesson: Cofounded Splasm following software development experience at Interactive Communication & Training (IACT) and Intellimedia, digital publishing and computer-based training houses based in Birmingham, Alabama. He's developed for the Macintosh for 25 years.

Allan Woodall
Title: Phosphorescent Phage
Contact Info:
Tech Support, Video Editing, Animation, Subliminal Messaging
Mission: To imbue everything with as much creativity as is legally permitted.
Favorite Line: "I'm down with whatever."
Favorite Book For Now: Axe Cop
History Lesson: Got a B.F.A. in Art with concentrations in Printmaking and Digital Media, did some organic farming, and then for over two years worked in screen-printing while juggling illustration side projects. Allan, filled with enthusiasm for getting more tech-knowledge-y, finally laid down his squeegee at the end of 2011 in order to join the Splasm team.

Randy Knoble

Title: Unclassified Life Form (Cofounder Emeritus)
Former Duties: Graphic Design, Web Spinner, Idea Man, Quality Assurance, Nagging
Mission: To prove that detail, thought, and hard work make great products, not money.
Favorite Line: "Would it be possible to..."
Favorite Book For Now: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
History Lesson: Data still being compiled on Unclassified Life Form. Most likely formed from the convergence of goo, a lightning strike and radioactive meteorite fragments. Preliminary data suggests life form is cranky in the morning and works entirely too late at night.
Splasm Software: Beneath the Goo

Splasm Software crafts simple, powerful applications that provide instant value and stay out of the way so users can just get on with it. We develop our products and ourselves organically - allowing, improving, growing. Our ears are open to user feedback, our minds are tightly focused on quality and our hearts are committed to creating time-saving productivity software and, the occasional time-blowing entertainment title, and providing excellent support for our users.

We formed during the summer of 1999, when graphic artist Randy Knoble teamed up with software engineer Keith Gugliotto to create shareware games for the Macintosh. The ideas were good and work progressed, but the projects stretched longer than either partner anticipated. We wanted to share our applications with the world already!

In 2002, with our third game months from completion, Randy began sketching the basics for an application to manage his checking account. Nothing fancy, just the necessities. That mock-up became the foundation for CheckBook, our flagship product. With a no-nonsense approach and several must-have features, like scheduled transactions, account reporting and import/export support, CheckBook is destined to free folks from medieval personal finance management.

When Apple announced the video iPod in late 2005 Randy immediately realized folks would need a way to convert video clips to the iPod's limited range of supported media formats. We shipped Podner 1.0 twelve intense days after the video iPod announcement. At Apple's request, we renamed Podner to ViddyUp! in the middle of 2006, but the spirit remained the same: easy iPod video conversion with some sweet extras, such as batch processing, cropping, proper handling of non-square pixel formats and MPEG audio support.

Our ideas spread to other areas of the iPod and Audiobook Builder was born, giving users an easy way to convert audiobook CDs or audio files into iPod-friendly audiobook files. Now you can add cover art, create enhanced chapter stops with artwork, join AAC losslessly (and quickly!), and more!

Searching for powerful features, quality assurance, and a serious passion for customer support? You'll feel right at home with Splasm. We're moving toward software perfection and you're welcome to join us!

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